wow update!

Posted in Uncategorized on May 4, 2010 by node00

hey ;D thought i’d make a quick update to say hello. been reading a lot of books again lately. tip: if anybody hasn’t read windows internals yet give it a read (4th version covers w2k/xp. 5th version covers vista/server 2008). you open that book and you don’t stop for hours. mark is releasing his latest version later this year (should be within a few months). you might want to wait for that as it covers win7/server 2008 r2 in full detail but as vista to win7 wasn’t a giant leap as it was from xp to vista, you can use that book :).

thanks to deathstar for making me realise i haven’t updated this in ages lol 😮



i’m around

Posted in Coding on March 1, 2010 by node00

Been very busy recently but I plan on hosting some cool content soon. I was thinking of putting together a nice asm tutorial in chm format to help people understand different terms. In the meanwhile I give you this, a tool developed by a friend of mine. I helped with the html formatting and different bits, but by mainly cursing him on skype 😀 Very useful app which I use on a daily basis. It’s a reference for the x86 architecture but made into a w32 app with html rendering and a combo box for searching for what opcode you want. Using the official intel specs here btw. Enjoy.

Rapidshare download


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Hey, so i’ve finally got a blog setup. It’s going to contain mainly the topics you see mentioned on the title but i will post different general things now and then that I think people will like.